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We love hearing from you as you share your enthusiasm about the Durango area with others. If you have a testimonial you’d like us to pass along to others, drop us a line and we’ll include it here.

What People Are Saying!

“We have been coming to Durango for over 10 years and we finally made the leap and purchased a fractional share at the new Purgatory Lodge. We’ve always wanted to have a vacation home and Purgatory Lodge has now made that possible. We can’t wait for the winter season to start but we’re also looking forward to spending more time in Durango during the summer months. Charlene and I both have big families and we can’t wait to share our Durango experience with them. We’ve been to many ski destinations in Colorado and Durango has always been our favorite. Now it’s our second home.”
-Nick and Charlene Persich, Purgatory Lodge

“We can’t wait for our alpenglow townhome. The combination of slopeside location, killer views, and magnificent floorplan is perfect for our active family.”
-Brandon Perry, Alpenglow

“After Orlando got hit by 4 hurricanes in 2004, we spent a year “virtually visiting” every ski resort in North America (Canada / US) for a “ski-in/ski-out” property. We wanted a place that our young daughter could enjoy the mountains in all seasons. In 2005, we narrowed our search down to three resorts based on it’s natural beauty, the current prices and future “value”. We came out to Durango and fell in love with the Resort, the People, the city of Durango, the Weather and Vision of what was going to happen at DMR. We started with our Village Center condo, and have now recently finished building our “second home” because we wanted to spend more time and wanted more room. Since we have been coming and sharing this “piece of heaven” with our friends, we are starting to create “Orlando West”. Sure, it’s a few hours longer travel time than going to NC or TN, but we have found (and our friends have found) that Durango is well worth it!”
-Jeff and Lisa Vratanina

“We didn’t want a condominium, but wanted to build our our own custom home as a gathering place for the entire extended family. And compared to what we could purchase for the same price at other resorts, these homesites were an amazingly good value.”
-Mike LaForest, Engineer Village

“We love being in a quiet, remote destination and are thrilled that our children can grow up experiencing this wonderful way of life. Our children love both seasons equally, and after the down time of off-season they are eager for the next season to start.”
-Tonya Murphy, Elkpoint

“It was love at first sight. There’s an intangible ‘something’ about the beauty of the mountains, the community, and the friendly people that really appealed to us. Durango is the perfect size for those for us from an urban area. It’s not too big or too small…it’s just right for everything.”
-Kathy Romero, Village Center

“I grew up skiing in Minnesota and the sport has remained one of the luxuries in my life…We became infatuated with Durango Mountain Resort, with its scenic beauty and convenience, plus numerous amenities and activities, all available in one place.”
-Tim Kaiser, ElkPoint

“What appealed to me most was the quality of Durango and its people. I believe they truly are the friendliest in all of Colorado. The wonderful weather and outstanding recreational amenities also make it a great place…so I decided to buy a home here.”
-Rob Merritt, ElkPoint

“Durango Mountain Resort is our second home. We spend 5-6 months here. It’s the people and fun!”
-Tom Knight, East Rim

“I can’t remember the exact date we bought our condo at Durango Mountain Resort, but it might have been the same day in 2007 when the Dow Jones hit it’s all time high. Just kidding, but close. I do remember making the obligatory low ball offer expecting to meet somewhere below asking price and when the seller wouldn’t budge, we were blown away. We knew in our hearts we were dead meat since we fell in love with the place from first sight and had to have a piece of the mountain life style. So in the end we probably garnered the dubious distinction of paying the highest price ever paid for that unit model.

So much for history, here we are some five years later and I now see three bedroom units selling for the same as I paid for my two bedroom. It hurts, of course, and I found myself asking “What if I had just chosen to wait?” The answer is easy, there is no choice, because like the Master Card commercial: “Market value lost, X dollars, the last five years, PRICELESS”.

Since buying the condo and buying into the whole DMR experience, I can say that the last five years have been some of the best for myself and my family. The resort and the Durango – Silverton area offer all we could ever ask for in year around outdoor enjoyment without the mega-resort prices and attitudes. In these short five years I have found a welcoming local community resulting in “first name” or better relationships with everyone from lift operators to the CEO. Like I said, “priceless”.

In the end I’m usually enjoying myself far too much to even think about the numbers, and instead I’m anticipating tomorrow’s snow conditions, or planning tomorrow’s hike, or wondering how my children and their children are going to enjoy the place when I’m gone. So I guess I’ll just leave it to them to worry about the numbers while I marvel another starry night from the hot tub.”
-John Fritz, Brimstone