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Real Town. Real People. Real Old-west.

Durango is a four-season town. There are more restaurants per capita here than in San Francisco. It’s a vibrant college-town with a healthy performing arts community, festivals, farmer’s markets and shops owned by people who are likely to be working behind the register.

Unlike other “resort” communities, If you want to go out to dinner on a Tuesday night in May or October at 9:00pm, your choices are still abundant, and the place will likely just be getting going.

The guy next to you at the bar might have started his day at 5am feeding the horses on the ranch, or he might have started a dot-com. That’s real mud on his boots, and his truck has four-wheel-drive for a reason.

Haute couture is for other places. Voted worst dressed place in America for five-years running and proud of it. Work clothes and dress clothes are the same clothes.

Your neighbors may have names like Smith and Jones, but Fox, Owl, Falcon, Black Bear, Bighorn and Cougar families are just as common in these parts.

I love this town!”
— Oprah Winfrey