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Why Buy with Us?

Durango Mountain Realty is the leading brokerage in Durango’s resort area.  We have over 30 years of experience among four full-time brokers.

Resort and second home property is substantially different than primary residential or other types of real property.  There are location dynamics, income from vacation rentals, resale desirability factors, and a host of other very specific issues confronting this type of purchase decision and the subsequent enjoyment of this type of real estate.  Additionally, the mountain environment poses very unique considerations, from the choice of property type as it relates to long-term maintenance costs and upkeep to the choice of homesite based on development dynamics in a mountain setting.

We are the experts at mountain and resort property in the Durango area.  Here are a few items to consider where our expertise counts in volumes:

  • Potential ROI and tax benefits of 2nd home ownership.
  • 1031 exchange facilitation and benefits
  • Site selection for custom home construction based upon local sub-surface dynamics, water availability and other utlity and infrastructure concerns.
  • Evaluation of HOA fees across a broad spectrum of differentiated associations, distinct structural and maintenance dynamics, and cost benefit analysis of amenities and services.
  • Total cost of ownership considerations in a mountain setting, and among varied types of property interests, and assocation assessement histories.
  • Short-term vacation rental income impacts on potential for appreciation and resale.
  • Short-term vacation rental strategies for maximizing rental returns, occupancy and repeat guest stays.
  • Strategic selection of 2nd home features and locations based upon maximizing exposure to rental markets and income maximization, as well as long-term asset performance and resale liquidity.
  • Design considerations in mountain climates with snow loading, freeze and thaw realities, and energy efficiencies.  (Up to 500 inches of snow can fall in this area in any given winter and temperatures fluctuate from negatives to mid-60’s just in the winter months.)
  • Negotiation strategies that pertain specifically to second home purchase and sale.
  • Institutional and individual familiarity with the multitude of sub-divisions and their various idiosyncracies, historic market performance realities, and features and benefits.
  • Familiarity with area service providers and contractors for full scale home development interests, maintenance, remodeling, caretaking, and rental management.

Our brokers are experts in these areas and many more.  Given the magnitude of your investment considerations and the importance of finding a property expressly commensurate with you family’s long-term enjoyment, there’s no reason to work with a real estate professional unfamiliar with these and a multitude of other details.

Your decision to make Durango your future home should primarily be about how much you’re going to enjoy the Durango lifestyle.  If you hire a professional versed in the specific considerations associated with the type of property you’ll ultimately purchase, your experience and the resultant outcome will exercise our expertise to make your decisions and the process enjoyable and a positive springboard for your future life in Durango.